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i hate this in all the best ways. well done hahaha

dope game

Neat concept! If you decide to flesh this out, I think it would be smart to add visual cues to when the song is going to change tempo.


Arrhythmia needs a DDR port immediately.  I want to see someone try to dance to this, that is a viral video waiting to happen.  HMU about music if you want to make a version with original songs.  Despacito was a blast.


You can't use these songs- they are copywrite and you have no claim to fair use with them. As per the rules you'll need to provide proof that you have permission to use them.

"Content released commercially is not considered acceptable to include without explicit permission from the original author. Submissions will require a list of all pre-made or licensed content and a link to a license for each item"

Hmmm... if it gets taken down/disqualified from the gamejam I'll upload a new (less fun) version with royalty free music. I do not have monetization set up and do not plan to set it up on this account. Thanks for the heads up for the future.

Add a leaderboard to this  and people will share this like crazy


this is the worst thing ever and I'm really glad it exists. it's delightfully awful. congrats!

(that's not how fair use works, though)

Eh, I don't have monetization set up, I think I'm fine :P


I logged into just to tell you that this is hilarious and I love it